Ediciones El Vals

Music publishing since 2020.
Music by Marcos Meza.

¨Innocence¨ Piano Day 2022. (Sheet music PDF)
Composition for piano and electronics by Marcos Meza. Released on March 29th, 2022 for the official Piano Day. To be printed in risography (A4, 4 pages).

Viento Norte (Sheet music PDF)
Piano piece composed by Marcos Meza in tribute to the social - political context experienced in Chile in 2019. To be printed in risography (A4, 4 pages).

¨Contestaciones¨ Piano studies. (Sheet music PDF)
Two piano studies composed by Marcos Meza inspired by the Tonada (traditional Chilean music). To be printed in risography (A4, 12 pages).

Suite No Hay Escape
(Sheet music PDF) 4 books


Piano Suite (Four movements) composed by Marcos Meza. Inspired by the Andean mountains in the centray valley of Chile. To be printed in risography (A4, 48 pages).